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Of course there are the Buchan Caves but there are many other things to see and do in the region and right in town!
Around town
Over the main bridge and take the next left to The Bluff Reserve, a
n impressive rock structure, our local swimming hole and picnic ground on the Buchan River.  Look out for the water dragons or as the locals call them Cocky Johns.  A medium sized lizard that loves to bask on the rocks.
Also at the Bluff is the Buchan Fish Ladder, the first constructed in East Gippsland to enable native fish to migrate freely up the Buchan River.  The rock ramp fishway is located between Lousadas Road bridge and

provides native fish populations with access to an additional 127km of the largely undisturbed forested reaches of the Buchan River upstream of the Buchan township.  Construction of the fishway involved placing a range of different sized rocks within the Buchan River in accordance with a specialised design, that allows fish to swim up and over the weir required for the townships water supply. Species identified included Long-finned eel, Australian bass, Congoli or Tupong, Common galaxias, Flat-headed gudgeon, Australian smelt and Southern pygmy perch. Finding Southern pygmy perch in the Buchan River is particularly significant because they are listed as a threatened species.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the Dark Sky due to low or no artificial lights at places like The Bluff and experience an increased number of stars visible.  Take a blanket and gaze at the spectacular milky way.

Try out the Self Guided Walking Tour (copies available for guests) and learn about the history of our buildings and township.  
Take the new
 river walk from the John Flynn Reserve to the Caves Reserve and swimming pool filled from underground water from the caves system.  Pets permitted to the end of the path only.

Try our local eateries including the Buchan Caves Hotel for a great pub meal or the Roadhouse for the best Buchan Burger (made from local beef).  The newly reopened Willow Cafe serves a great coffee and quality meals the only distributors of Pablo Coffee in East Gippsland.  
Visit Bakehouse Clay pottery studio on the Orbost Buchan Road.  Potter, Clare is motivated by the colours and shapes of nature and has some great items for sale.

Bird watching - Some of the birds to look out for in Buchan are the Superb Lyrebird,  Cockatoos, King Parrots, Rosellas, Honeyeaters, Pardalotes, Thornbills, Australian Raven, White-winged Chough, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Golden and Rufous Whistler, Eastern Yellow Robin, Restless Flycatcher and many more.   
The Regent Honeyeater was once plentiful along Australia’s east coast from Brisbane to Adelaide. Now critically endangered, it’s disappeared from SA, is rarely spotted in Queensland and is clinging to survival in small areas of remnant woodland in NSW and Victoria and has been sighted in the Buchan District.  The main reason for its decline is the clearing of its habitat. Eggs and chicks also suffer predation by other native birds and mammals, and the birds’ breeding is disturbed by harassment from noisy miners.

Platypus populations in the Buchan River are also doing very well and sightings are usually brief, in the half-dark of the early morning or evening. See if you can see any from the Swing Bridge or the Lousadis Road bridge at The Bluff
There are some some good fishing spots along the Buchan River, including at the Swing Bridge and The Bluff.  The river is good for fishing for trout, blackfish and eel.  Trout can be caught at the Timbarra River, an early season river (spring and early summer). Drive 23 clicks of the odometer north of Buchan via Timbarra Road.  Balley Hooley is also a popular spot to cast a line, the meeting place of Buchan and Snowy Rivers.  Other streams worth dropping a line are Livingston Creek, Butchers Creek, Little River and Delegate River.

Situated within the Canni Creek Reserve surrounded by the Racecourse and bushland, this course is truly easy walking. In November & December a fantastic display of wildflowers can be viewed in the Reserve.

Caves Reserve
When you visit the caves  enjoy the beautiful Linakar Park at the Buchan Caves Reserve. There's some great walks and also the spring creek falls which are seasonal.   

Take a day trip to McKillops Bridge.  Although its only around 80km it will take a minimum of one hour and 40 minutes to get to the bridge.  The road is windy and there are spectacular views including the walk to the little river gorge, the deepest in Victoria.  Keep going to Tubbut and return via Orbost.  This part of the drive will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Orbost to Buchan the time will be another 50 minutes.  In November the wildflowers are spectacular.

Look out for the Stockman's Camp Bush Heritage Shows held at certain times of the year.

Local events include the Canni Creek Races, Buchan Rodeo, Buchan Flower and Art n Craft Show, photography competition and display, 

Take a drive and visit some of the local sites including
Buchan South Avenue of Honour
W Tree Falls
Basin Creek Falls
Snowy River Junction
Snowy River National Park 
We have information maps available at the Cottage and you can also find further information at or

Come and enjoy Buchan.....
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